Development news on 31. January 2019

First feature I wished to implement after previous progress update was some animated explosions. Luckily Kenney has an awesome package, containing several animated explosions, two of them perfectly fitted for my needs. I used grander one for player’s death and smaller one for enemies’. Animating them was a piece of cake, all I had to do was to drag all sprites onto empty GameObject in scene and Unity automatically created animation controller and animation with all required keyframes. Finally I did some tweaking of keyframes to adjust the timing and make explosion a bit more bouncy and juicy and I was done. Nice, sweet explosion.

After explosions were implemented I tackled problem of music and sound effects. Soundtrack you’ll hear in video below I found on and sound effects were all downloaded from I went for retro, arcade style of music and sound effects, did I capture it?

You’ll need to unmute video to hear snazy new music and sound effects

Looking at checklist I managed to tick off last 3 features since previous progress update. Expect something playable in your email inboxes soon. 🙂 “What inboxes”, are you saying? Well, I have this email subscription list and you can add yours on it if you wish to get notified about future releases:

There’s also another one in footer of every post. 😉