Development news on 30. December 2018

Another month has gone by and another 2 features were ticked off, I implemented start and game over screen, together with HP and score counter. There’s only 1 feature left before I could call it a day and release a game but while play testing I figured I need to add some sounds and possibly some explosions to make game more immersive. Scope changes are really dangerous due to possible scope bloat but I think sounds and basic animations are important for game experience so I’ll make that one exception and expand scope for two more items.

  • player moves ship and shoots bullets
  • game spawns new enemies all the time
  • enemies move and shoot, behaviour is determined by enemy
  • game tracks player’s HP and score
  • game displays end screen when player is dead
  • animated explosions for enemies and player
  • background music and sound effects (explosions, bullets)
Score is tracked and displayed on “game over” screen