Development news on 03. December 2018

Almost a month ago I promised to finish a game… It’s starting to take shape!

First, a little setback

Right after I posted previous post I came down for 2 weeks with nasty lung infection that didn’t even allow me to lay down in bed, I had to sleep at kitchen table, leaning forward. Luckily modern medicine quickly helped me overcome that infection and after 3 weeks of recovery I’m finally at full strength and of clear mind, able to code again.

Looking back at feature list in previous post, I can tick off 2 features I managed to implement:

  • player moves ship and shoots bullets
  • game spawns new enemies all the time
  • enemies move and shoot, behaviour is determined by enemy
  • game tracks player’s HP and score
  • game displays end screen when player is dead

And let me tell you, it’s nice to have clear plan and list of features I can tick off. 🙂 It’s also nice to have something to show off:

WASD moves the ship and Space shoots lasers